Straight MAC’n…

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA I be, I be, I be, I be on my MAC’n ish…. <— Yup that’s how I’m feeling fresh out of my #IdolcidoesNYC French Macaron Class, and yes to the beat of Childish Gambino’s “I Be On That”! So let me first give you a bit of background info about my quest to start MAC’n. I have been (via IG) absolutely stakling the hell out of Andi’s (@idolci’s) macaron making for months on end. Literally for 3/4 of 2014 I have been wanting to try to make macs and Google searching like a mad woman, hoping to find a recipe that made sense. Yeah well all of that went straight shit when I stumbled upon this picture… 10363860_636733746409812_6981929682295493529_n-2 At that moment I knew that I was gonna have to find a way to get schooled by this MAC making genius!! It was then that a stalker was born… cue the Single White Female soundtrack!! Hi my name is Kiyonna and I stalked my way into a coveted spot in the “iDolcidoesNYC Double Decker French Macaron Class.”

Coming off of the high of CPC I didn’t really think that anything would come along and get me as fired up and giddy for quite some time, boy was I wrong. I had an absolute BLAST last night and the only thing that would be better would have/could have been offered at CPC. Although that would have probably sent me of the edge…Fred Sanford Style. Since I am a TRUE believer of you get back, what you give out, I knew getting into this class would be the pure generosity of the universe! Considering that prior to going to CPC all of her NYC classes were completely sold out I didn’t even give it a second thought, but I know better than to count anything that I set my mind/heart on out! So while on my leisurely stroll through Instagram last Wednesday, I happened upon a post from the Mac Queen herself, alerting the masses that there were 3 open seats to her class.  Welp, within 2 minutes I was texting her from my cell and had my finger on my PayPal button from my tablet.  Nothing and I mean nothing was going to keep me from getting one of those spots.  Hell I was so ballsy eager that I even let her know that I had a friend (Carin Sweet Creations) that needed a spot and we weren’t taking NO for an answer! Hi, my name is Kiyonna, and I get want I want! LMAO!! Fast forward to Sunday and Boom Damn Bam we were in there…selfie taking like a muuuuug!!


Carin & Kii

Picture it Roosevelt Island 2014 (channeling Sophia from GG) the stage was set and the city was our background, after a pretty easy commute I was ready to jump right in to MAC making. Upon arrival I was greeted by the ever amazing Lisa from Goodiebites. Lisa was/is the hostess with the mostess! She’s not only a good host and awesome cake popper, but she can wash the hell out of some dishes. She definitely deserves a gold star. Thanks Lisa so welcoming and all around awesome.

Lisa (Goodiebites) , Me & The Mac Queen herself.

Lisa (Goodiebites) , Me & The Mac Queen herself.

Since the class was a double decker (Macrons & Fillings) no time was wasted getting started. She gave us a full on demonstration of how she MACs it up. Here are a few pics from the demo. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

They came out so pretty

They came out so pretty

This may be where someone who is reading is thinking I’ll post detail for detail exactly what we did…but I’m not! I will however, give you a glimpse into how it went down. After the initial demo, we were allowed and encouraged to get in there and make some MACs.  Ahhhhh the moment i was waiting for.  My team and I (Shout out the “F**k Shit Up Crew) got right to work and well…IMO knocked that shit right out the park!  You be the judge…


Row 2 & 3…piped by yours truly 🙂


Fresh out the oven


Ready to fill and enjoy!

Andi gave us gold stars for our MACs and we were so proud. The filling class was equally as awesome as the MACs and boy oh boy were the spoils plenty!  Again, we were allowed to jump right in and make our own fillings.  This was definitely a team effort and by the time we were done cooking and chatting we all learned how to make recipes and make friends.  Now I know that sounds very after school special-ish, but it is true.  We came together as strangers and by the time it was over made some awesome connections. Oh and the fillings they were flipping awesome too! See for yourselves…


RUM raisin…emphasis on rum!


Coffee Brigadeiro so so so good!

There are no pics of the finished MACs because the flew off the table after they were done.  They cam out absolutely delicious. I could go into intense detail of everything we learned yesterday, but I won’t.  Out of respect for Andi, and for all of those who like me invested in themselves and their business I will take what I learned and cherish/apply it.  If you want to be down, then be sure to keep your eye out for the next set of classes in your area.  Trust me when I tell you that this class is worth every penny. Andi, is such a fantastic instructor and and even better human. LOL! She not only gave us her recipes and technical secrets, she also offered up tips on everything including where we can get supplies.  She answered every single question that was asked, held back nothing, dropped countless “F Bombs” and did an impromtu photo session on the rooftop with her students!! Which in my book makes her even more special. Check out some pics from the class and our rooftop madness below. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Me and my new BMF (Best MAC'n Friend)

Me and my new BMF (Best MAC’n Friend)

Leila  & Andi

Leila & Andi


The view was amazing

The view was amazing

I could have snapped all night, but the cold wouldn't allow.

I could have snapped all night, but the cold wouldn’t allow.

It turned into a party when Lulu came through

It turned into a party when Lulu came through


2 thoughts on “Straight MAC’n…

  1. Sobeida says:

    So much fun, I saw that pic of myself acting as a human bag holder. Lol

    I missed the rooftop fun? Not nice. Can’t wait for another meet up!

    Honestly, “Miss iDolci” is the best and so generous to charge her tips and where to’s with us.


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