The Best Weekend Ever a.k.a. Cake Pop Con 2014

Guess who had the BEST weekend ever… that’d be me!!

Cake Pop Con 2014

Me at Cake Pop Con 2014

This weekend I had the opportunity to attend the FIRST ever International Cake Pop Convention aka Cake Pop Con!!

Cake Pop Con consisted of 200+ bakers/ cake poppers from around the globe, uniting to strengthen our skills, knowledge and cake pop community bond. We took over Philadelphia, PA, and left a trail of candy melts and disco dust along the way.

While I cannot speak for every one in attendance I can assure you that I left Philadelphia a different baking professional.

So where do I start…at the beginning of course. LOL!

I had arrived...

I had arrived…

I arrived in Philly just a little before check in time, and was greeted with smiles from all of the wonderful staff at the Courtyard Marriot.

I knew right then that it was gonna be a great weekend. That and the fact that the very first people I met, where the wonderful parents of  Kim Celano. They were so super sweet and greeted me with big hugs and jokes! Kim your parents are the BOMB. They even let me call them Mom & Pops all weekend. How awesome is that? LOL!

With the tone set, I was ready to let my hair and guard down and just have a good time.

There were so many wonderful experiences that took place this weekend, but one that will truly remain with me forever is meeting Bakerella!! You heard me right, Ms Angie Dudley aka BAKERELLA,was at Cake Pop Con and I MET HER!!

Look I have proof…

Angie Dudley aka Bakerella & a girl who is living her dreams.

Photo Booth Fun with Bakerella

This moment for me was EVERYTHING!!!  I picked up this woman’s book back in 2012 and I haven’t looked back since.

At the time I was laid of and looking for any sort of direction.  While working my sons book fair I her book and once I picked it up, I never put it down.  Thank you Bakerella…you truly helped change the direction of my life.

Ok Ok Ok before I run through a box of Kleenex, let’s get back to the happy…

From the minute the festivities got under way, there was fun fun and more fun.  The Friday night mixer complete with Ice Breakers, yummy guacamole and the ABSOLUTELY AWESOME surprise Bakerella Swag Bag Give Away was the perfect way to get the CPC party started.

I knew prior to going to CPC that there would be a quite a few “Cake Popperlebrities” (yeah I just made that up), but i had no idea that they would be swarm, friendly and selfie ready. LOL!  I mean I did not expect that moment that came next at all.  I got to meet The Piping Queen herself…Yuki of Creative Edibles by Yuki.  Although my pose may say otherwise, I was really screeching with excitement on the inside in this shot.

The Piping Queen herself Yuki

The Piping Queen herself Yuki

Once the mixer was over and I was able to pull my star struck nerves together I met up with a group of lovely ladies and headed out for a night filled with laughs, tears from laughs and well If i tell you i’ll have to put you in a hole in the group (B613 style).

Let me tell you I think that these ladies had no idea the fun that came with meeting me. S/O to my sweeties Shena, Carin, Gabby, Tanara & Jossie the official “Hips & Dips Crew”.  We turned that IHOP out…

The crew

The Crew

Me & my Shena :)

Me & my Shena She was my roommate  🙂

"The Crew" at the farewell brunch.

“The Crew” at the farewell brunch. just missing our Jossie.

I love those girls, can’t ya tell!

Anywho…Saturday was AWESOME I mean truly awesome!  We were greeted with yet another swag bag FILLED with copious amounts of fabulousness.  I mean we got everything one would need to dust off there Easy Bake Oven and get to Poppin’ right on the spot (minus a microwave) LOL.  I haven’t even had a chance to take a pic of all of the wonderfulness.  Heck I barely wanted to take off my name badge.

Saturday I got to meet more outstanding folks.  There was….

My favorite Boxmakers  Super Kip & Ann :) Isn't she gorge!!

My favorite Boxmakers Super Kip & Ann 🙂 Isn’t she gorge!!


I won this little pile of awesomeness in the first round of giveaways.


Me & Mr @TheCakePoppery himself Noel Muniz.

The biggest highlight for me was meeting this woman pictured below… THE “O” Pops By Angie!!! IDK what it was but I instantly felt like she was my Tia in my head.  Like her spirit just resonates and you just want to throw disco dust at her feet. LOL!!  On a serious note though…thanks for the amazing tips and trick that you taught in your class, and thank you for the kind word and encouragement.  I’ll go out on a limb here and say that maybe it’s the fact that you keep it realer than most that instantly clicked with my spirit.  My next time in Miami I need a full on tour of the Sweet Life store, and a trip to the best coffee spot around I can just taste the cuban coffee with toasted cuban bread to match.  LOL!

Getting the tips from the best! All that Glitters comes from her talented hands.

Getting the tips from the best! All that Glitters comes from her talented hands.

Angie & Kiki...We Cute!

Angie & Kiki…We Cute!

I mean so much happened in the span of 3 days that I could  go on and on, but seeing as though this is my first post and I don’t want to bore the 5 of you who may actually read this…I’ll stop now.

I will say this though, my name is Kiyonna Thomas and I am so proud to be a Cake Popper! Who would have thought that something as small as a cake pop could have such a following. and bring together so many men (yes there are men poppers too) and women.

I mean there was a popper who came from Bahrain for crying out loud!! Oh and she is so so sweet check out her work on Facebook at Popilicious.

Popilicious Cake Pops & Girl About Cake

Popilicious Cake Pops & Girl About Cake

Ok seriously I’ll stop here… thank you again to Kim and the crew for putting together this amazing event. Cake Pop Con 2014 was everything I expected and more.  I cannot wait until 2015.

Check out more pics on my Instagram @girlaboutcake_ and my FB Page Girl About Cake.

Thanks for reading stay tuned, and feel free to leave me some feedback.

Ki 🙂


13 thoughts on “The Best Weekend Ever a.k.a. Cake Pop Con 2014

  1. Boxmaker Kip says:

    Reading your blog instantly transported me back to the niftiness of the weekend. I can’t wait to tell Ann that you not only mentioned us, but we got to have our corn-fed Iowa faces in a picture with you! It is encouraging to read about how you were encouraged. It’s like a perpetual motion machine of good vibes. I look forward to reading more, Kiyonna. P.S. I think the “c” in your facebook hyperlink slipped out of there. Outstanding post!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. kathy says:

    Lol girl u are a crack up! I LOVED reading this post.Im so glad I got to meet u an d hang saturday nite even if I was so exhausted by then and not full of my usual enthusiasm! I love that we have the same nickname…Kiki
    I was so amazed at the talent of so many…including u. I only started my adventure less then a year ago and was totally embarrassed of the things I posted.With my full time job in surgery and being on call alot, I hope I can find time to get to spend in the kitchen and experiment on some things learned.Keep up the great work!!


  3. krisgaliciabrown says:

    This is such a wonderful post! Thanks for bringing me back to the weekend, it was such a good time. I love learning about how people got started in the business and your start was just like mine.

    Thanks for starting this blog! Now we can all see what you’re up to and keep the spirit of the weekend alive! 😄


  4. krisgaliciabrown says:

    This is such a wonderful post! Thanks for bringing me back to the weekend, it was such a good time. I love learning about how people got started in the business and your start was just like mine.

    Thanks for starting this blog! Now we can all see what you’re up to and keep the spirit of the weekend alive! Keep up the awesome work!😄


  5. carin says:

    You Rock KIKI 🙂
    Well Done on your first Blog 😉 I am so touch how your post took me back to Philly aka cake pop con 🙂 What a Fabulous Unforgettable Weekend I had, missing boot and all, lol 😉
    You are truly 1 in a million! You are also Talented, Amazing & Hilarious! I wishing you continious sucess in the world of cake popping/baking.

    Love You KIKI


  6. Georgina says:

    what a great first post! We didn’t really get to meet but this post is full of your bubbly spirit! Can’t wait till the next one but reading this post made me feel as if I were there all over again 😊


  7. Jossie says:

    This put a smile on my face! I thank you and the “Hips & Dips” ladies for such and amazing weekend. I had the best time in a long, long time. I can’t wait to meet up again.


  8. GGmadeit says:

    Yes baby girl yes! Do YOUR thing and blog about it why don’t you! I am so gotdayumproud I have tears! Kiyonna, I can’t see for crying. I can talk you know that but I am speechless. I want all of this for you and look at it happening. Look at God girl, raise that beautiful head and LOOK! Great first post and I look forward to more. I need some cake man! Lol love you!


  9. Jessica T. says:

    Awesome post!! I absolutely loved it! Thank you for taking me back to an amazing fun-filled weekend. I can’t want For your next post. I was laughing from beginning to end. Great job!


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