The Best Weekend Ever a.k.a. Cake Pop Con 2014

Guess who had the BEST weekend ever… that’d be me!!

Cake Pop Con 2014

Me at Cake Pop Con 2014

This weekend I had the opportunity to attend the FIRST ever International Cake Pop Convention aka Cake Pop Con!!

Cake Pop Con consisted of 200+ bakers/ cake poppers from around the globe, uniting to strengthen our skills, knowledge and cake pop community bond. We took over Philadelphia, PA, and left a trail of candy melts and disco dust along the way.

While I cannot speak for every one in attendance I can assure you that I left Philadelphia a different baking professional.

So where do I start…at the beginning of course. LOL!

I had arrived...

I had arrived…

I arrived in Philly just a little before check in time, and was greeted with smiles from all of the wonderful staff at the Courtyard Marriot.

I knew right then that it was gonna be a great weekend. That and the fact that the very first people I met, where the wonderful parents of  Kim Celano. They were so super sweet and greeted me with big hugs and jokes! Kim your parents are the BOMB. They even let me call them Mom & Pops all weekend. How awesome is that? LOL!

With the tone set, I was ready to let my hair and guard down and just have a good time. Continue reading